Sunday, April 29, 2012

#58: Nerd Shirts.

By some small miracle, you MAY not have realized yet that I'm a huge nerd. I love Star Wars, I love Nintendo, I love Superman, and....I even love math. One of the funnest (yes, I know "funnest" is not a real word) ways to display my nerdiness is through T-Shirts. Over the years, I have collected a fair amount of nerd shirts (mostly from other people for my birthday). Today I decided I would display my nerd shirts in their full glory.

Star Wars T-Shirts:
My favorite Star Wars shirt.

In real 3-D!
The dysfunctional Brady Bunch.

Notice Chewie on the drums.

Nintendo T-Shirts:
Pun intended.
My mom thinks she is sooooo funny.

It's a real place. I've admitted myself four times.

Kipp Dynamite T-Shirts:
I think I do an awesome Kipp Dynamite impression (I'm so humble). For two straight years, my best friend Paul and I spoke almost entirely in our Kipp and Napoleon voices, until we realized that everyone else in the world had moved on to Nacho Libre.

Superhero T-Shirts:

I wear this to overcompensate for my lack of real muscles.

Catchy Phrase T-Shirts:
Most people never comment on this shirt, although I wish they would.
This shirt is only funny if you are an accountant...and even then, it's not THAT funny.
Diane doesn't let me wear this one anymore.

Other Nerdy T-Shirts:

I actually get more comments on this shirt than any other--once people realize what it is.

The man. The legend. The Walken.


  1. Nice one, fellow LDS blogger!And I gotta say I love that Darth Vader shirt :)

  2. Thanks, Markus! It's a pleasure to meet you. I just checked out your great review of Avengers. Talk to you again soon.

  3. wao you have very nice collection of nerd shirts i have never seen like this before.thanks to share it

  4. I have an odd question. Do you still have the "this is what awesome looks like" tshirt? Would you be willing to part with? There is a long heartfelt reason behind it. Let me know.

  5. Martinelli Family, I DO still have the shirt and I'd be happy to part with it. Let me know if you want to pick it up in person.

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