Wednesday, April 18, 2012

#56: Elder Holland speaks at Harvard - must watch!

If I had to choose only one apostle to listen to, it would be Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. When I listen to him speak, I always feel the Spirit. His faith, conviction, love of the Lord, and great sense of humor are all evident when he speaks. Before he was an apostle, Elder Holland was president of Brigham Young University. During his tenure as president of BYU, he gave some AMAZING talks that you can listen to (and download) here.
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland.
Not only is a great speaker, he also has the best chin in all the apostleship.
My friend Judd sent me the video link shown below of a speech that Elder Holland gave a few weeks ago at Harvard Law School (with a question & answer session after the video). He addressed difficult topics such as polygamy, Proposition 8 and the Church's role in politics, as well as bearing a powerful testimony of the gospel. I am so grateful that the Church is led by men of this caliber! Thank you for your faithful example, Elder Holland! We love you!


  1. Elder Holland says "You're welcome."

  2. I love Elder Holland too. His eloquence is admirable. He's also bold and humble at the same time. Plus his sense of humor is always spot on! :)