Sunday, April 22, 2012

#57: Some more "Draw Something" drawings.

Happy Sunday morning! As I mentioned last week, I have been loving the new smartphone app "Draw Something". Well, this week I drew some more drawings that I wanted to share. Have a great day and may the force be with you. :)
My favorite muppet.
Britain's greatest singer....well, other than Susan Boyle.
Blink and he's gone.
NOT supposed to look like Moses.
In honor of "The Avengers" coming out in two weeks!
Um....also in honor of "The Avengers" coming out in two weeks?
She's definitely no Belle, but still not too bad for a Disney princess.
Greatest artist of the Renaissance.
Heeeeeeere's Johhny!


  1. Two things. Have you seen yet? Also, have you seen this?

  2. Michelle, "Star Wars According to a 3-Year Old" is my favorite video of all-time! I'm being completely honest here, but during the last few years, anytime I talk like a goober now (which is a fair amount of the time), I mimic that girl's voice.