Sunday, April 15, 2012

#55: My new favorite app: Draw Something!

There are apps. And then there are APPS. One such APP recently came out, and it has instantly catapulted to my all-time favorite list: Draw Something. An awesome hybrid of pictionary and hangman, Draw Something is a collaborative drawing game between fellow aspiring iPhone artists. Essentially, the game gives you three words (easy, medium, and hard) to draw. Depending on which level of difficulty you choose, you will get more or less "coins" if your partner guesses your picture correctly. This weekend I have had an absolute blast drawing pictures for my friends and family, having them guess the drawings, and then having them send me back drawings of their own for me to guess. You can draw at your own pace and you can make the drawings as simple or complex as you want. Since I fancy myself somewhat of an artist, I like to make the drawings as complex as I can. See below for some of my favorite drawings that I did over the weekend. Yay for electronic drawing!
Jim Carrey's greatest role.


In honor of all the people celebrating a birthday this year.

Fat Brad Pitt.

Reminds me of a Ryan Shupe song.

Puff Daddy.

NOT James Dean.

Diane is terrified of snakes, but I couldn't resist.

Quite possibly the richest woman in the world.

The greatest political satirist of our day.

Last but not least, Darth Maul. For those of you who are wondering why the drawing only looks half done, it's because it IS only half done. I discovered that if you erase and start over too many times in Draw Something, you run out of "ink and it sends the drawing anyway! Doggone ink restrictions!


  1. Yea! The corndog was against me! :)

  2. WOW! You have some major artist talent!! I am impressed!!! Going to have to find this app :)

  3. Thanks, Delina! I am addicted to this doggone drawing game!