Sunday, October 2, 2011

#1: A wookiee. A Mormon. A Mormon wookiee.

My name is Steve.  I'm a Mormon.  I'm a husband. I love Star Wars.  And I've decided to start a blog.

This is a wookiee.
This is a Mormon.

This is a Mormon wookiee.

I will post again soon.


  1. Wow. I I've got a lot of catching up to do. And now I'm your first commenter on your first post...a little bit late, but still the first!

  2. Coming over from We Talk of Christ . . .

    I'm sooo your newest follower. I cannot wait to read you posts. No joke, when my husband and I taught the 12-14 year olds in Sunday school the only way we could get a message across is to compare it to Star Wars. Genius.

  3. Thanks Jia! Just last week I told the kids that Nephi is like a Jedi because he shocked his brothers with the power of the Lord. Mormons were destined to love Star Wars! (Now if I can just convince my wife to watch it!)

  4. Cool - another Utahn, Mormon, Star Wars fan! I like how you've combined some of my favorite things - Mormonism and SW. Mormon Wookiee is definately unique.
    I prefer to keep my interests separate - my Star Wars fandom is expressed on and my Mormon expressions are on if you are interested.

  5. Justin, thanks for checking out the blog. I just looked into both of yours, and I love it! Both the Spirit and the Force are strong with this one! :)