Monday, October 31, 2011

#13: Why I am a wimp at Halloween (thanks, dad).

There are many things that I love about Halloween (Kit Kats and Milky Ways, dressing up like "Randy the Redneck", and seeing the cute costumes of little kids who come Trick-or-Treating at my house).  However, when it comes to the scary parts of Halloween, I am a total wimp.  Now, don't get me wrong--I wasn't always a wimp.  In fact, when I was a little kid I was tough as nails.  I would usually dress up as a monster, zombie, or bunny with an axe (I was a weird 9-year old).  But then, when I was 12-years old, everything changed....

My sister Amy and I as vampires (the NON-sparkly kind)
Straight-A Student for sure
Um...I honestly have no explanation for this
During Halloween as a 12-year old, my parents and I were watching a made-for-TV remake of a movie called "The Shining" on Channel 4.  I had never heard of "The Shining", and since we wanted to watch a fun Halloween movie, my parents and I decided to watch it.  Well, as you may or may not know, the dad in the movie goes crazy and tries to kill his family with a croquet mallet.  I was terrified.

But, regardless of my fear, I still had to go get ready for bed after the movie ended.  I took the long, dark trek up two flights of stairs and hopped in the shower for a quick shower before going to bed.  When I got out of the shower, I put a towel around my waist and opened the bathroom door to walk to my room.  As I opened the door, my dad jumped into the hallway with a croquet mallet and started screaming like a crazy murderous lunatic.  I cried.  But at least I kept my towel on. Thanks dad. Sure do love ya. ;)  

I have worn safe, non-scary costumes ever since, including the following:

Clark Kent (me) and Superman (my little bro, Matthew)
Mario (my friend Chad Ludwig) and Luigi (me)
Kipp Dynamite 
Clark Kent....again (I like to recycle) with Lois Lane (Diane) and Krypto (Diesel)
Last but not least, Randy the Redneck (me) and his wife/cousin Thelma (Diane)
Until next year, Happy Halloween!  Oh, and watch out for croquet mallets.


  1. I've never heard that story before. I can imagine your dad getting a big grin on his face as he thought, "I could totally scare the pants off Steve....."

  2. Sounds like you grew up in OUR house, only it was my husband scaring the kids. Not only would we watch The Shining, he would also have them watch the Thriller video, then wait until they were almost asleep, pull his t-shirt up over his head and sneak into their rooms. They would go to bed yelling, "Don't do Thriller, Dad!"

  3. I think that you imagined the whole thing.........redrum,redrum,redrum

  4. By the way, that looks like Paul holding you and Amy in that top photo. Modern-day Paul, mind you. Spoooooky....

  5. Aaron it really does look like Paul...ha thats funny. I do have to say I make a very scary non sparkly vampire.

  6. Thanks Heather! Kipp is one of my movie heroes (right up there with Han Solo).

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