Sunday, October 9, 2011

#5: Primary Class and T.A.K.E.

A month ago, I was released as a youth Sunday School teacher in my ward and called to teach the 10-year old Primary class instead. Before I was called, it had been exactly sixteen years since I last attended Primary (graduating class of 1994, baby!). There are ten kids in my class--six boys and four girls. Surprisingly, all of the kids are quite well behaved--especially the girls. In fact, I think the girls have said a total of three sentences in the time I have been their teacher. I think they may actually be monks (can girls be monks?) who have taken a vow of silence. 

This week in class I taught about the Aaronic Priesthood and the importance of the Sacrament. I remember when I was a kid that the Sacrament seemed a little confusing to me.  I understood what it represented, but I had a hard time remembering the promises I made each week in the Sacrament prayer.  To help me out, my mom taught me a great acronym to remember the promises we make when we T.A.K.E. the Sacrament each week.

Take His name upon you
Always remember Him
Keep the commandments
Endure to the end

See?  My mom is cool like that.


  1. I thought I'd comment so you know I'm following your blog. :)

  2. That's awesome! Love it. May just have to use it one day myself.

  3. Thanks guys! I just realized that I can respond to comments in my blog (you'd think the thought would have occurred to me sooner). I am truly becoming a technological Jedi master. I'm grateful to have you guys as friends.

  4. Yo! I also read your blog. I thought blogging was dead, but now you can claim status as a "retro-Internet guru." nice work!

  5. This is Ben Reed by the way... I couldn't figure out how to leave my name. I am no technology Jedi.