Sunday, June 10, 2012

#65: Draw Something 4ever.

Diane has been out of town this weekend, visiting her brother in Colorado. As a result, I took advantage of the alone time and had a "Guys' Nintendo Night" on Friday with some of my favorite people (congratulations on your victory, Jeff).  Among them, was my good friend/favorite animator Aaron "The Rabid Milkman" Ludwig. Hanging out with Aaron always gives me the itch to do some drawing. Thus, here are some more of my recent "Draw Something" drawings. Have a great Sunday!
I think "Up" is my favorite computer animated film .
I bet the life of a Bullet Bill is anti-climatic.
Once Mario passes by, there isn't much else to live for.
Good thing it isn't "Fast Sunday". 
Even though I'm a dog lover, I still like Garfield. Fat cats are funny.
Logo modern art.
I won an Oscar for this one.
"Jaws" is one of the only songs I can play on the piano.
It only requires two keys.
Space Jam!
I "kneed" you.
I'm looking forward to an exciting NBA finals. Go Thunder!!!
I made myself chuckle while drawing the minotaur.
Good memories of Disneyland.
Greatest fictional story of redemption. Ever.


  1. You are freakin' rediculous at this. I'd play a round or two with you, but all I have is a tiny iPhone, and it's not really the same as on an iPad or what ever you have. Nice work!