Sunday, December 8, 2013

#125: Sacrament Meeting Doodles.

I've always enjoyed doodling during Sacrament meeting, even though I realized it isn't the best use of my church time. But then I found out that President Eyring sometimes draws during church too, and all my guilt was swept away. Lately I've been doodling on the iPad, because it's more permanent than the back of the meeting program. Here are some of my doodles from the last few weeks:
My Elder's Quorum President has the best hair in the ward.
Returned missionary spoke today. He still had that glow.
Our neighbor's son is one of the cutest kids ever.
Spying on my friend from the pew behind her.
High councilman. This drawing may be boring, but his talk wasn't.
Last but not least: hymn holder for the win.


  1. Those are great! I didn't know that about President Eyring.I think Aaron found a justification for it a while ago- I don't remember what it is. I just figure I'm pretty much a child with a short attention span. They say that children with parents that are reverent during sacrament meeting tend to be more reverent. Our children are terrible during sacrament meeting. We are horrible examples. I can live with this. haha.

  2. These are AWESOME!! My sister used to doodle all the speakers during sacrament meeting! of course before ipads and stuff! I wish you did all the apostles!

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