Sunday, September 1, 2013

#118: A Humbled Sinner.

Today while reading 2 Nephi 4:17-19, it hit me pretty hard. Nephi is a near perfect prophet, and yet here he is talking about how wretched he is. It made me pause and also inspired me to write a poem today. I hope you like it.

A Humbled Sinner

During my life, I've done some good things--
Like holding a baby who's cried.
But more often than not, I've done things I regret--
Acts of selfishness, anger, and pride.

When left to myself, I typically take
The path with the least bit of resistance.
If life were a footrace with heaven the goal,
I'd never make it half of the distance.

And even at times when I do some good work
And feel that my talents have blossomed,
I pridefully puff up my chest and then think,
"Look at me, everyone! I'm so awesome."

Foolish, and vengeful, and so very weak,
I repeat the same sins once again.
They mock and they haunt me and each seems to say,
"Give up now! There's no way you can win."

As I think of these sins, I'm put back in my place--
Less obedient than the dirt on the ground.
I look at my failings and want to give up
As a more hypocritical soul can't be found.

But then in these moments of sadness and guilt
When I'm feeling so low and contrite,
I pause and look upward and plead for the help
of the only One who can make it all right.

And He, in his mercy, who lived so divine
Reaches down with pure love as a token
And despite all that I've done, lifts me back up
And restores my poor heart that was broken.

I know I'm a sinner and always will be
One who fails and falters and stumbles,
But because of his gift which He gives me so freely
I'm learning, at last, to be humble.

And although I will fall down again and again
And at times, life will start to feel dim
There is hope in my heart for a brighter tomorrow
When someday I can return home to Him.


  1. Beautiful poem Steve! Just what I needed today. :)

  2. I absolutely LOVE this, Steve. Seriously. Inspired! Pretty sure I'll come back to read it again, and again, and again...