Tuesday, April 9, 2013

#106: I'm a Sucker for a Cute Love Story.

I like to think I'm pretty manly. I shave every day, I frequently change lightbulbs with my bare hands, and I don't own a single article of pink clothing. However, in one particular way I'm not manly at all--I LOVE a good love story. I cried when I first read "Charly", my heart goes aflutter every time Wesley and Buttercup kiss at the end of "The Princess Bride", and I once watched "Pride and Prejudice"....by myself (I'm not going to admit which version). Thus, tonight when I watched this clip of a returned missionary surprising his girlfriend on her birthday, I couldn't help but smile. You can read more about Josh (the missionary) and Brit (the girlfriend) at the Deseret News.

Cute, right? As Han Solo once replied to Princess Leia, "I know."


  1. Totally identified with this post, made my fingers tingle from my last 'manly' encounter with changing a light bulb.

    Stumbled onto your Blog while searching for a talk from one of the Prophets; we share a lot of the same interests, thanks for your writings!

    1. Durante degli Alighieri Jr., thanks for your comment! I just checked out your blog. I dig your sense of humor. You are right--we have very similar interests (we're basically twins...except you have muscles).