Sunday, November 18, 2012

#85: 2-Year Old Boy Dances to Jailhouse Rock.

Whenever I get the chance to sing karaoke, I always choose "Jailhouse Rock". It's the perfect karaoke song--you get to sing it loud, you get to sing it off-key, and best of all, you get to pretend to be Elvis. Back when I was in the University of Utah 16th Single's Ward, I was selected to compete in the "Mr. 16th Ward" competition, something akin to a beauty pageant for guys (I know, I'm such a stud). For the talent portion, I decided I was going to perform "Jailhouse Rock" (at the time I was inspired by Taylor Hick's recent performance of the song during season 5 of American Idol). I created a whole routine featuring my awesome dance skills while wearing a popped-collar leather jacket.

Well, two weeks later, the Mr. 16th Ward competition was cancelled (OBVIOUSLY the other contestants were overwhelmed at the thought of competing against me....), and all I got out of it was a sweet karaoke routine.

Anyway, yesterday Diane showed me an awesome video of a 2-year old dancing to Jailhouse Rock, and I couldn't resist posting it. It made me realize how much I want a cute kid like this someday. It also made me realize that he would have crushed me in the Mr. 16th Ward competition. Enjoy!

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