Sunday, August 12, 2012

#73: Bear Lake 2012.

What a great weekend! I took work off Thursday and Friday so that Diane and I could go up to my favorite place on earth: Bear Lake at the Utah-Idaho border. 

As a kid growing up, the company that my mom worked for owned a condo at Bear Lake's "Ideal Beach Resort" on the south side of the lake, and we spent a week there every single summer until I left on my mission. I have so many good memories of Bear Lake, in particular spending my birthdays there as a kid. When I was in high school, my parents even allowed me to invite a bunch of my friends ("The Brain Trust") to come up with us.

One thing I now know, but which I didn't know at the time, was that each summer when I was up at Bear Lake, Diane lived right across the lake in Dingle, Idaho the entire time (yes, Dingle is a real place). Man, if I only would have known, I would have swum across the lake to meet her (and that's saying something, since I'm a terrible swimmer). The fact that Diane spent her teenage years living at Bear Lake makes it even more of a special place for us.

This weekend we had an absolute blast. Diane's older brother Ben, his wife Sarah, and their four kids also came up with us. If you are interested, here are a bunch of pictures of our trip. I can't wait to go again next year!
Ben's youngest daughter tries to blow out the Olympic torch.
We rented a boat. I'm pretty sure this is illegal.
Tubing on the back of the boat. I only fell off twice!
Great view....of the lake.
Ben's youngest daughter swinging with me.
"Do again! Do again!!!"
Potential boyfriend?
We noticed a family preparing for the Hunger Games.
Adorable coneheads.
Sarah's sister, Mickey, spent the day with us on Saturday.
The kids loved watching her sing.
We saw this little guy lose his pants on the mini-golf course.
He didn't get a hole-in-one either. Rough day on the course, Tiger.
After Ben beat me in our morning mini-golf game, I demanded a rematch.
Fortunately, I squeaked out a victory.
I'll be practicing for next year, Ben. You'd better watch your back.
You know those public service announcements for kids in Africa?
At dinner on Friday night, we noticed Santa Claus trying to hide on his phone in the corner.
Fortunately, Santa was a great sport and let the kids take a picture with him.
However, they were pretty curious why he wasn't wearing his suit.
We reminded them that even Santa needs to take a break every now and then.
Not to be outdone, on Saturday night at dinner
we ran into local news host, Brooke Walker, of KSL.
And no, I did NOT take a picture of Brooke,
because, well, that would have been creepy. 
A typical summer sacrament meeting in the Garden City ward.
And no, this was NOT stake conference.
A great view of Logan canyon on my way home.
Reminder: don't take pictures while you are driving.

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  1. Tim's family has a cabin in Garden City, he spent almost all of his childhood summers up there. I had no idea the Garden City ward filled up so much. We saw Santa the last time we were up there too. Next time you guys go up, we should try to go up too, get together and have dinner or something. We should do that anyways down here! :)