Sunday, March 18, 2012

#51: My 6'7 "little" brother, Matt.

As you may know, I love basketball. I love to watch it (Go Jazz!), I love to play it (although I am terrible), and I especially love to cheer on my 6'7 younger brother, Matt.
This is what Matt looked like BEFORE he was 6'7.
This is what Matt looks like now that he is 6'7.
Matt is currently a senior at West Jordan High School. During the last two years, he played for both the Sophomore and Junior Varsity teams, but he was cut from the Varsity team this year (unfortunately, Matt played backup to the Deseret News' 2012 "Mr. Basketball", Jordan Loveridge). It was a pretty devastating experience for Matt to not make the Varsity team, especially after he had worked so hard over the summer to improve his skills. 

However, even after getting cut from the team, Matt did not give up. He continued to work on his game. He also met former college coach John Scott ("The Basketball Doctor"), who believed in Matt's potential. With the help of coach Scott, Matt prepared a video demo of his basketball skills (see video below), which was sent out to college coaches and recruiters across the United States. Since that time, Matt had been contacted by 30 different college coaches about having him come play for their teams! Needless to say, I am extremely proud of my little bro.

But there is something else that makes me even more proud of Matt. He has told the coaches who call him that he will not be able to play college basketball until after he goes on a two-year mission for his church. This may turn some of them away, but he knows it is the right thing to do. I really admire my little brother and his willingness to put the Lord first in His life. I may not be able to beat him at basketball anymore (or for the past six years, for that matter), but I sure do love him. Congratulations and good luck, little bro!

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